Services Information on Residential Conveyancing


  1. Obtaining your title documentation and other documentation relevant to the sale
  2. Supplying information to your Buyers regarding the sale of the property
  3. Agreeing terms of the Contract for Sale with your Buyers representative
  4. On Leasehold obtaining the management company pack and calculating apportionments of service charge and grounds rents
  5. Obtaining details of the mortgage redemption figure
  6. Answering questions raised by your Buyers and liaising with you in this regard
  7. When everyone is ready and a moving date has been agreed with the Buyers, exchanging contracts. This is a key stage in your sale as this is the stage at which you are committed to selling your property
  8. Agreeing the Transfer documentation
  9. Arranging for your to sign all relevant documentation
  10. Making pre completion legal arrangements and checks
  11. Preparation of a completion statement for you showing money received and outgoings and balance due to you.
  12. Preparation of a completion statement to the Buyer showing money required to complete
  13. On moving day:
    (a) Receiving the purchase money from your sale
    (b) Paying off your old mortgage if any
    (c) Paying any estate agent commission and our own charges
    (d) Accounting to you for any remaining money from the sale proceeds
  14. On the day of completion sending the transfer documentation to the purchaser’s representative to complete the sale. This is a key stage in the transaction as once we have received the monies on your behalf you no longer own the property.


  1. Obtain information from your Sellers regarding the property you wish to purchase.
  2. Checking the title documentation to ensure that the Sellers have good title to the property
  3. Agreeing the terms of the Contract for the purchase
  4. Raising enquiries with the Sellers about the property and reporting to you
  5. Liaising with your mortgage lender and obtaining the mortgage offer instruction to us acting on your behalf. Checking the mortgage offer and the valuation.
  6. Acting for your lender to ensure that their interests are properly protected, if you are getting a mortgage
  7. When everyone is ready and a moving date has been agreed with the Sellers, exchanging Contracts. This is a key stage in the transaction as this is the stage when you are legally committed to purchasing the property.
  8. Getting the mortgage money from your lender if you are buying the property with the assistance of a mortgage and any balance required from you
  9. Preparation of a completion statement for you showing the amount of money required in order to complete the transactions
  10. Dealing with Help to Buy requirements, Help to Buy ISA requirement, Shared ownership requirements and or family gifts
  11. On moving day we will
    (a) Pay the Sellers representative the purchase price of the property
    (b) Send any surplus funds in our possession to you.
    This is the final key stage in the process as you will now own the property.
  12. Register you as the owner of the property at HM Land Registry
  13. Preparation and submission of the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return for HM Revenue & Customs and payment of stamp duty if applicable
  14. On Leasehold properties notify the landlord and the management company of a change in ownership and pay their relevant fees
  15. Providing you and your Lender with a copy of your title documentation following registration at HM Land registry

Please note that the government reports that on average it takes 2/3 months for a conveyancing transaction to go through once lawyers are instructed when a sale and/or purchase have been agreed between the parties.

Your transaction will be handled by a qualified lawyer with support from a team of paralegals and you will be notified in the instruction letter of the name of the lawyer appointed to handle your case. There is dedicated contact with the lawyer appointed to deal with your matter by email or phone as well as face to face meetings by appointment and in writing.
For further details of our team of lawyers, their experience and qualifications please see details of our team in the “About Us” section of our website.

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