The Forum is hosted by Initiatives of Change

The Forum is hosted by Initiatives of Change, an international 3rd Sector community in special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Development Council.  People working on leading initiatives to accelerate delivery of UN Sustainable Development Goals come together, connect and engage to support each other and combine efforts to take collaborative initiatives to scale.

The world’s resources are diminishing and becoming more difficult to extract. Within 20-30 years there will be no helium available and hence no MRI scanners. Likewise, within 100 years there will be no tungsten for cutting tools, neodymium used for high performance magnets and motors together with lithium for batteries like a number of other resources will be increasingly in short supply. At the same time population will be increasing and developing regions will rapidly industrialise increasing demand on finite resources. This is counter sustainable. By 2050 the world will have 9-10bn mouths to feed and mankind will be consuming 3 planets’ resources, if we carry on the way we are doing things today. Clearly this will not happen and the pressures will give rise to global distress which in turn may be expected to create social-unrest and conflict. There is an urgent need to move into a period of sustainability and on to a regenerative economy.